Kratom effects vary from strain to strain. For the most part, because Kratom is cousin to the coffee tree, it is primarily a stimulant.

Left is Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) tree and on the right as a regular Coffee Tree. To read a more in depth description you can check out my What is Kratom page.

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Many people have described Kratom effects to having a double espresso, but without that jittery wired feeling you get with too much caffeine. Many have referred to Kratom effects as “clean energy”, meaning that there is no severe crash at the end. It simply fades off without making you tired.

Kratom effects, as a whole, are similar depending on what strain you choose. All of them are a stimulant on some level. All of them relieve pain on some level. However, depending on what “strain” or “vein” color you choose, will depend on how much you get on the scale. Picture a scale with one end being invigorating and energetic and the other end being relaxing and sedating. Depending on which strain you pick will determine where on that scale those Kratom effects will fall. This article will go over all of them.

As stated in a previous article, Kratom comes in three different categories: a white vein, a green vein, and a red vein. This is determined by the color of the stem and veins on the back of the Kratom leaf. Since Kratom is a plant, the stem and leaves are where the majority of the alkaloids are and where you are to benefit the most, depending on what your use for the plant is.

Kratom effects of a white strain, generally, are stimulating, invigorating, and energizing. Those that have fatigue issues due to certain medications or illness will benefit from this strain. The Kratom effects of the white vein also give off a certain level of euphoria depending on the amount used in your therapy. Generally speaking, the alkaloids become active at two grams. Those that have been using Kratom therapy for years will fall between two grams to four grams.

Kratom effects are specialized and vary from individual to individual. This is due to tolerance, body size, health, and diet of the person seeking Kratom therapy.  I will briefly touch on tolerance in this article, since this will be a huge part of how Kratom effects you.

Kratom effects of the white strain also hold some analgesic (pain reduction) properties. This strain isn’t widely used for that and any vendor that sells the different strains should have a description of what it does under each name. Personally speaking, the white strains are great for a toothache since the Kratom effect here, numbs the teeth.

Kratom effects of the red strain are the most analgesic, most sedating, and provide the most relaxation of the strains. At two grams, there is some stimulation depending on which red strain you do. For the most part, however, there is a level of relaxation involved. People seeking these Kratom effects usually do so if they have insomnia, suffer from chronic pain (Fibromyalgia patients raved over this therapy), and also from severe anxiety issues. Those seeking these Kratom effects (for anxiety) mention coupling it with their current medication. However, if you are currently taking any prescribed medication, please consult your primary care physician before starting a Kratom Therapy Regiment as they may interact with some of the medications you are taking.

Kratom effects of the red strain, at two grams, become relaxed and get a general sense of well being. Increasing this dosage does not necessarily increase these effects. Once you start to get to the four gram level, the sedation starts to settle in. There is a fine line between the relaxation and sedation. It should be stated that this plant has received a negative light in the media due to this strain as some have stated the Kratom effects of this particular strain color, gives them similar opiate effects. In my travels with this plant, in order to receive these effects, you would have to do a rather ridiculous amount. There is a threshold with this plant and overdoing a dosage will cause vomiting. If getting opiate like effects are your reason for seeking out this plant, my suggestion to you is to seek elsewhere.

Kratom effects of the green strain are considered to be in the middle of the road.


They generally are neither too relaxing or too energizing. Most Kratom connoisseurs recommend the green strains for anyone starting out with Kratom therapy.  They are easier on the stomach and you can personally gauge your tolerance. The green strain’s Kratom effects hold the most euphoria and overall sense of well being. Kratom therapists use this strain’s Kratom effects for anyone suffering from depression. Since the green strain’s Kratom effects are the middle of the road, there is a level of energy received when using this colored vein. Many anti-depressants have fatigue attached to their side effects and those that require these kinds of medications say that these strains seem to eliminate this. Again, before starting a Kratom Therapy Regiment, please discuss this with your doctor.

Kratom effects in the green strain family are noted to extend the life or effect of another strain. Many who have been in this community for some time have stated that they do a half and half session. (A one to one ratio. For example, if you are at the two gram threshold, you would do one gram of one strain and add one gram of a green strain.) The synergy that happens with the green strains effects to other strains, are quite remarkable. The alkaloids in all strains work differently with each other and can provide a different Kratom effect all together.

There are two other categories in regards to Kratom effects. There are blends and extracts. Blends take the best of all three worlds (energizing, long lasting/euphoria, and relaxation) and adds them in one location. Some vendors hire a third party to mix and match the different strains so that the customer is able to get the best blends on the market. Kratom effect connoisseurs swear by the blends. Instead of paying for three different strains, they can simply buy a blend and save money. Most quality vendors will give you a description of each blend, what it does, and what it is used for so that it takes the guess work out of someone new to this tight knit industry.

Kratom effects with blends depends on the alkaloids in the leaves itself.

Some strains work very well together. Others do not, which is why a few vendors take pride in their blends. They have done all the guess work for you and stand behind their blends working at optimum efficiency. If you are interested to buy kratom, feel free to contact my favorite vendor and browse around. They are often having specials and giveaways and you can read up on more useful information there as well as I am quite a regular on their site.

Kratom effects with extracts are a tricky bunch. I have heard of people just doing extracts and getting a high potency of Kratom effects, but for a short amount of time. Extracts aren’t meant to be done by themselves. You can, but it is not recommended. Extracts are meant to be blended in with other strains. Some extracts Kratom effects extend the life of a blend and some extend the potency. Those that are interested in these Kratom effects are recommended to trying all the plain leaf strains first. Extracts blow your tolerance out of the water and an individual is never able to get their tolerance back without stopping the Kratom Therapy all together. Many have stated that taking a two week break keeps your tolerance at a minimum, even with plain leaf strains. Extracts should be a “last resort”. They are difficult to make which is why they are expensive.

Kratom effects will depend on your tolerance, as stated before. This is determined by many factors. If you have come to this plant to wean yourself off of a pain medication regiment, your tolerance will be considerably higher because of the way Kratom is ran through system. However, once the pain medication is out of your system, you will be able to get the benefit of the Kratom effects. Many have sworn by this plant to help them through the withdrawals that opiates can bring. Personally speaking, this plant not only has helped me kick a pain medication regiment, but I am now pain free because of it.

Kratom effects also depend on your overall personal health. If you have a poor diet, you may not get any of the mental benefits from this plant. A diet laden in heavy carbohydrates, for example, will get little, if any, Kratom effects at all. That is why foods like pasta, potatoes, bread, processed grains, and dairy, are generally avoided in the beginning. In order to achieve the Kratom effects you desire, it is suggested that your Kratom therapy be done on an empty stomach. Once you start to feel your desired Kratom effects, a light meal may be eaten afterward.

Kratom effects generally are felt between twenty to forty minutes after the initial therapy has started. And as I wrote in my article on Kratom Potentiators, some foods may even strengthen or lengthen your Kratom effects so please judge accordingly and plan ahead.